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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Alpventures Travel Updates

What We're Doing
Above all, we want you to be safe, and stay safe and healthy while traveling with us. We are monitoring the situation in Europe and we will only operate our tours when safe to do so. Once travel bans are lifted and the situation "on the ground" in the various countries we visit on tour has been assessed and deemed safe for travel, we will operate a given tour. Up until that time, all tours are in a pending status until further notice. We are very hopeful for resuming our tours in summer 2021.

What You Need to Do
Do your part wherever you are, to ensure that we as a nation and world can beat this virus and be free of the current pandemic. If you have booked and rescheduled a 2020 tour that was affected / cancelled, we are working to get all new (2021 rescheduled guests) confirmed. If you would like to book a tour as a new guest you may do so, but we cannot confirm the tour will operate in 2021 until we get better news regarding the general situation of the pandemic. We appreciate your understanding and above all, your patience during this time. View the threat level to Alpventures World War II Tours below:

Alpventures Current Threat Level Key:
Threat to this Tour is currently low = LOW
This Tour is more at risk now = MODERATE
Currently a high risk of canceling = HIGH
We have to cancel this Tour = SEVERE

Alpventures Tour:
Wolf's Lair Tour (May 2021)
Normandy to Eagle's Nest (May 2021)
Holocaust Memorial Tour (June 2021)
Normandy to Eagle's Nest (Sep 2020)
Battleground Italy Tour (Oct 2020)
  Threat Level:

Help Center

Information about the current situation with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - please stay informed about what's going on where you are, and where you plan to travel. All 2020 Alpventures Tours have been rescheduled to 2021 or later. We are still working through this situation as best as we can under the circumstances. If you need immediate details or you have concerns about your travel plans with Alpventures, please feel free to call Tony directly  at 1 (888) 991-6718, or contact us by email.

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